Bangalore, Friday 18th April, 2008: Kingfisher Airlines, the Official Umpire Partner of the DLF Indian Premier League, today announced a ground breaking new initiative to reward Fair Play during the matches which begin on Friday 18th April.
Under the Fly Kingfisher Fair Play Award, Umpires will award teams’ points for fair play, respect for the laws of the game and respect to their opponents. The Fly Kingfisher Fair Play Award will involve a League table running over the course of the season. The winner of the award will be the team that, in the eyes of the umpires, has played fairest across the 56 matches comprising the regular League season. Each member of the winning team will be presented with a glittering precious trophy. The award will be presented by Dr. Vijay Mallya, Chairman & CEO, Kingfisher Airlines Limited.
Dr Vijay Mallya, Chairman & CEO, Kingfisher Airlines Limited said, “At Kingfisher Airlines, we are proud to be leading this revolutionary new concept which will reward the team that plays fairest. We are all very excited about the upcoming matches, but with the eyes of the world upon us, we want to ensure that the players uphold the laws of the game and respect the Spirit of Cricket. The Fly Kingfisher Umpires will be the final authority on this award, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with them.”
Lalit Modi, Chairman and Commissioner, DLF Indian Premier League said, ~We are absolutely delighted that our Umpire Partner, Kingfisher Airlines has created such a unique initiative. As we prepare for 44 days of intense cricket, we must not lose sight of the fact that however hard cricket is played, it must be played fairly and in the spirit that characterizes our great game. We have already announced our partnership with MCC and that we will uphold the Spirit of Cricket. We are all extremely grateful to Kingfisher Airlines for their wonderful support.”
Kingfisher Airlines also unveiled a line of contemporary and stylish umpire uniforms for the ensuing season. The line includes uniforms comprising a smart shirt in the traditional Kingfisher Airlines red and stylish pants designed in striking black and topped off with an elegant yet functional hat. The line also includes training shorts set in black and complemented with a red t-shirt and a cap.
The umpires’ uniforms have been designed by ace Indian designer, Manoviraj Khosla, keeping in mind the sensibilities of the umpires’ role in a match; and at the same time giving them a look that is trendy & modern. The red & black combination with the white lining detail gives the umpires a look that is sporty & stylish. The hat which is designed differently to a regular umpire’s hat adds to the style quotient of the uniform.
Fly Kingfisher Fair Play Award Framework: After each match, the two officiating umpires and the third umpire will reward award points to the competing teams based on the following criteria:
  • Up to 4 points - awarded per team that in the opinion of the umpires according to how the team upheld the spirit of the game during the match
  • 2 / 1 / 0 points * - awarded to one or both team/s - if in the opinion of the umpires the team/s showed respect to the opposition
  • 2 / 1 / 0 points * – awarded to one or both team/s - if in the opinion of the umpires the team/s showed respect to the laws of the game
  • 2 / 1 / 0 points * – awarded to one or both team/s - if in the opinion of the umpires the team/s showed respect to the umpires
A team can receive a maximum of ten points per match.
*Key to Award Points: 2 points – Exemplary, 1 point – Good, 0 points – Average.
The inaugural season of the DLF Indian Premier League will showcase a grand total of 59 matches providing broadcasters and in-stadia spectators with 177 hours of live ~family entertainment~, which will also be viewed by a significant international audience. All matches will be during late afternoon and evening to coincide with prime time for television and providing a convenient time for the stadium audience.
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Kingfisher Airlines is India’s first and only 5-Star airline, rated by Skytrax, and the only one to offer a premium first class service on domestic routes. Besides being the first and the only airline to offer in-flight entertainment on every seat in the domestic skies, Kingfisher Airlines is the only one to offer LIVE TV with 16 channels of live & exciting content. Kingfisher Airlines has received over 35 awards for service, innovation, customer responsiveness and was voted the “Best New Airline of the Year” within months of its launch. Kingfisher Airlines is part of The UB Group which is one of India’s largest conglomerates with diverse interests and a global presence. The UB Group is also the largest Indian manufacturer of beverage alcohol (beer & spirits) and the second largest drinks Group in the world.
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