10th, Mar 2007
Kingfisher Airlines celebrates March 10 as Kingfisher First Polo Classic       

Mumbai to experience its first King-size Polo event
Kingfisher First Polo Team debuts in Mumbai
Fashion Show by Anna Singh, luxury brands and lots more

Polo & Fashion Extravaganza in Mumbai on 10th March 2007

March 10 2007- Thundering hooves. Macho moves. Furiously paced excitement. Thoroughbred skill- all make up for this most exclusive and glorious sport of all- Polo. Kingfisher Airlines, the airline for kings and queens brings you the sport for today`s kings and queens. Dr. Vijay Mallya and Kingfisher Airlines present the Kingfisher First Polo Classic on Saturday 10th of March 2007 at the Polo Grounds, Mumbai.

The event will be a glorious day of fast-paced action and a platform to present the exemplary, unique hospitality that Kingfisher First offers. Setting the pace for the glam will be Bollywood superstar Shilpa Shetty who throw the first ball to launch the Kingfisher First Polo Classic match.

There would be an exhibition match for a select group of discerning guests played by the Kingfisher First Polo Team v/s another leading Indian Polo Team. Some of the players of repute whose Polo skills will be on display at the match include Ahiraj Singh, Sanjay Kapur, Vishal Singh, Bashher Ali, Dhruvpal Godara, Manupal Godara, Angad Kalan and Uday Kalan amongst others.

Taking forward the theme of fashion with sport is a glittering show featuring designer Anna Singh`s creations with Bollywood leading lady and former Miss Universe Lara Dutta walking the ramp.

The elitist crowd can savour the taste of one of the world`s most premium wines-Bouvet Ladubay, The UB Group`s latest acquisition. The guests can also experience the world`s largest plasma screen being displayed by Panasonic.

Kingfisher Airlines has recently inked a multi-year partnership with the Panasonic Toyota Racing Team. A life-size replica of 2007 car for Formula 1 (F 1) is being displayed at the venue for the first time ever. Celebrity guests can come and click a picture against the F 1 car.

According to Dr Vijay Mallya, Chairman & CEO, Kingfisher Airlines Limited, "Kingfisher First is the finest way to fly in the Indian skies. The Kingfisher First Polo Classic is a true showcase of all that is glorious about the airline and the luxury it offers. Kingfisher First Polo Classic redefines luxury, lifestyle and reinforces the synergy between the sport of Polo and the exclusive service of Kingfisher First. It i8s for those who have truly arrived in life."

About Kingfisher First

Kingfisher First is the ideal way to fly for the discerning, business class traveler who appreciates the fine things in life. He is demanding and wants to be pampered and at the same time being a trendy socialite is exposed to international cultures, customs and the good life. Last but not the least, this profile of air traveler has exposure to frequent international travel and clearly understands the superiority of a First Class experience over a Business Class experience.
On offer are, the plushest Sleeperette seats in the Indian skies with a 48 inch pitch, 125 degree recline, adjustable headrests and fully extendable footrests. In-flight entertainment has been taken to a new level with the latest Audio and Video on Demand system that is available on Kingfisher First. Air Travellers can now watch the biggest show in the Indian skies with the latest Hollywood and Hindi blockbusters, music videos & concerts, engaging video games and lots more. All available on the extra-wide personalized video screens with the comfort of noise-cancelling stereo headphones.

"I`m very proud to introduce Kingfisher Airlines` latest offering, Kingfisher First to the world. I have personally taken care of each and every detail and am very happy that the discerning Indian business travelers will now have an option that they truly deserve. Kingfisher First is truly a first class experience and is all set to redefine business class flying in the country. Our service remains unmatched and now with the launch of Kingfisher First we have raised the bar further. I invite all business travelers to fly Kingfisher First and experience the difference," urged Dr. Vijay Mallya, Chairman & CEO, Kingfisher Airlines Limited."
In Kingfisher First, each and every service has been designed to perfection. Culinary works of art with the exclusive three course menu complete with a Kingfisher sparkling welcome drink, signature dessert and freshly brewed coffee on board, world-class service experience at the hands of a superbly trained and hand-picked cabin crew. Other services available onboard are spectacle cleaners, stain removers, laptop and mobile phone chargers in each seat and lots more.

All in all, an experience that`s bound to leave the discerning business class traveler charmed and wanting to come back for more. The Kingfisher First experience is currently available between Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Kochi and will be extended to other cities shortly.


The origin of Polo is lost in the mists of antiquity. Polo, known as `The Game of Kings` is believed to have originated in central Asia more than 2,500 years ago. The beginning of Polo goes back to Persia, where there is evidence that an early form of the sport was played during the reign of Darius the Great, in the early sixth century B.C. The game spread to Constantinople and from there to Turkistan, Tibet, China and Japan. It flourished in India during the Mogul empire, from the early sixteenth to the mid-eighteenth centuries. English officers in India took up the game, founded clubs, and formulated a set of rules.
The Calcutta Polo Club, which has contributed so much to the development of the sport, was founded in the early 1860s, and from then on Polo became an established part of the Anglo- Indian scene, passing to England at the end of the decade.

For a game as "exclusive as elusive", the real `home` of Polo is India. Since the days of Emperor Akbar, it has been the Indian Maharajas that have given this game its " Royal Tradition". Post Independence, the Indian Army kept the game alive and promoted it actively until the early nineties. Among the world`s most ancient sports, Polo is flourishing today in India. However, it is the corporate sector that is taking up the reins now. Some of the finest corporate names are beginning to associate themselves with the sport

  • The Basics: Polo is a ball sport, played on horses. Where one team attempts to score goals by hitting hard hockey-sized ball through their oppositions` goal with a mallet attached to the end of a 4 1/4 foot stick.
  • The Field: The polo field is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide, the largest field in organized sport. The goal posts at each end are 24 feet apart and a minimum of 10 feet high. Penalty lines are marked at 30 yards from the goal, 40 yards, 60 yards, and at midfield.
  • Chukkar: Each polo match is divided into "Chukkas". A chukka is 7 1/2 minutes of active playtime and is supposed to represent the amount of time a horse can reasonably exert itself before needing a rest. Polo Matches are divided into 4, 5, or 6 Chukkas depending whether the level is Low, Medium, or High goal polo.
  • Players: In polo there are four players on a team. Numbers 1 & 2 are the forwards mainly who are concerned with scoring whilst 3 is the pivot of the team - the midfield playmaker and 4 is the defender.
  • Handicaps: Handicaps in Polo range from -2 to 10 "goals". With 10 being the best. Handicaps are assessed and independently mediated several times during the season.
  • Umpires: Two mounted umpires, referee the game. They must agree on each foul/call made, if they disagree they refer to the "3rd Man" who would be on the edge of the pitch in line with the centre mark. His decision will settle the argument.
  • The Rules: The Rules of polo are centered almost in totality around safety of the players and their ponies. The umpires` primary concerns are the right of way and the line of the ball. Penalty shots are given from any position the umpires choose form the goal line to midfield depending on the severity of the foul.

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