01st, Oct 2007
Kingfisher Airlines Inks Strategic Alliance with American Express       
Partners launch India’s First Airline Corporate Charge Card Program


Fast track Corporate Savings with exclusive Rebates, Discounts, and Employee Rewards with King Club and Bonus Points



Mumbai, October 1, 2007: American Express, the world’s leading Corporate Card issuer, and Kingfisher Airlines, India’s most premium airline, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at identifying and leveraging market opportunities where both alliance partners can optimize their strengths and jointly create a compelling and unique product offering. The partners announced the launch of India’s first airline corporate charge card program specifically targeted at the small to medium sized enterprise (SME) market.



A market-first, the American Express® Kingfisher Airlines Corporate Card will offer India-based companies an 8% rebate on Kingfisher Airlines air travel which is charged to the Card and will also offer Cardmembers an exclusive membership upgrade within the  Kingfisher Airlines frequent flyer program - King Club. 



Sharing the broad construct of the partnership and the motivation behind the launch of the offering, Dr Vijay Mallya, Chairman and CEO, Kingfisher Airlines Limited said, “I am delighted to announce a strategic alliance between two powerful brands, which are widely acclaimed and renowned for their premium quality and service. The American Express Kingfisher Airlines Corporate Card is squarely targeted at the SME segment. The SME market is important to Kingfisher Airlines and we have worked closely with American Express to develop a compelling corporate product that provides exclusive benefits to both the company and its employees.  The Card offers companies a rebate of 8% on all Kingfisher Airlines ticket purchases charged to the Card, whilst Cardmembers will automatically be enrolled in the King Club frequent flyer program and earn Bonus King Miles.”



Speaking at the launch, Mrs. Tracey Bowra, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Commercial Card, Japan Asia Pacific and Australia said, “This new partnership with Kingfisher Airlines, India’s premium airline, is a great deal for companies. With American Express and Kingfisher Airlines joining hands, companies will benefit from an air spend rebate program backed up with corporate solutions to improve the way they manage their expenses. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to receive savings and rewards like these.”


“Travel and Entertainment1 (T&E) is the second2 largest operating cost for Indian companies after salaries and benefits.  A recent expense management study2 indicates air travel is the largest spend category today, representing 42% of companies’ total T&E spend, up from 32% in 2001.  Employees are traveling considerably more with an average of 45% of companies’ employees going on business trips on a regular basis. Day trips in particular have increased significantly,” said Mrs. Bowra.



“The American Express Kingfisher Airlines Corporate Card program will provide companies tremendous savings on all Kingfisher Airlines fares. Unlike other card programs, the rebate eliminates the need for offer codes or coupons and provides automatic calculation and reporting simply by paying with the Card,” added Mrs. Bowra.



The program is targeted at small and mid-sized companies with an estimated annual travel and entertainment spend up to Rs.10 crores. The Card is now available.



Benefits for Small and Mid-sized Companies



Exclusive Savings


·         8% Corporate Rebate: The American Express Kingfisher Airlines Corporate Card offers an 8% corporate rebate on Kingfisher Airlines air travel purchased with the Card.  The rebate earned will be issued as a credit balance to the Company every six months to redeem flights with Kingfisher Airlines



·        Business Savings™ Plus Program: This program enhances a company’s competitiveness by helping it reduce costs in two areas – everyday business expenses and business travel and entertainment.  Companies can enjoy up to 30% savings under the program on a range of business expenses such as office supplies, office equipment, transportation and telecommunications


·         Administration Costs Reduced: The American Express Kingfisher Corporate Card program can also help companies reduce the costs of administering their expense management procedures by 30 – 70%3



Flexible Control


·         Liability Options and Optional spending limits: With liability options the company is liable only for authorised business expenses and Cardmembers are responsible for all personal and ‘out of policy’ expenses. The American Express Kingfisher Airlines Corporate Card program provides companies with the ability to provide Cardmembers with either no pre-set spending limits or request spending limits for example by transaction or department



·         Management Information Reports: Small and mid-sized Indian companies will have access to American Express’ unique closed-loop network of information that will help companies track and manage policy compliance, identify new supplier negotiation opportunities, monitor business expenses, budgets and forecasts and provide proof of captured savings



·         Online Program Management: Designed to provide timely and crucial information on travel and card management, American Express @Work helps companies manage costs and identify savings opportunities more easily and effectively



Benefits for Cardmembers



“The new Kingfisher Airline benefits include automatic membership to the King Club at a the minimum of King Silver membership which means all Cardmembers have access to Kingfisher Airlines lounges during their business travel, and bonus King Miles.  This is in addition to the core Cardmember benefits such as worldwide acceptance, Membership Rewards and complimentary business travel insurance. All of these features and benefits make the American Express Kingfisher Airlines Corporate Card the perfect companion for employees traveling on business,” said Mrs. Bowra.



·         Automatic Membership to the King Club: Cardmembers will be able to automatically join the King Club, Kingfisher Airlines frequent flyer program, as a King Silver or King Gold member depending on the type of Card they take up. Existing King Club members will be upgraded to the next tier status.  Some of the King Club benefits include lounge access and excess baggage allowance



·         Bonus King Miles: Cardmembers will receive a bonus of 1000 King Miles upon joining and 500 bonus King Miles each time the Card is renewed



·         Complimentary Business Travel Insurance: Business Travel Accident Insurance and Travel Inconvenience Insurance are provided when you pay for your air tickets on the Card



·         Traveller Services: The Card is widely accepted throughout the world in the place where Cardmembers conduct their business. American Express Worldwide Customer Care services provide assistance to the Cardmembers from over 1,700 locations, in more than 130 countries



·         Emergency Services: Emergency services like Global Assist “Hotline” and Card replacement within 48 hours are some of the services provided to the Cardmembers



·         Membership Rewards™: Cardmembers will earn 1 Membership Reward Point  on every Rs. 40 spent, and will be able to redeem points for a range of items from the Membership Rewards program and turn points into air travel, dining, entertainment and retail rewards as well as hotel stays. Plus Cardmembers can earn Bonus Membership Rewards Points when they pay for their Kingfisher Airlines travel on the Card. There is no cap on how many points can be earned



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Notes to Editor


About American Express


American Express is the leading issuer of corporate cards in the U.S. and worldwide. Through its Global Corporate Services business, the company counts nearly 70 percent of the Fortune 500, along with tens of thousands of mid-size corporates, as customers of its Corporate Card or Corporate Purchasing Card services.



American Express Company is a diversified worldwide travel, financial and network services company founded in 1850. It is a world leader in charge and credit cards, Travelers Cheques, travel, financial planning, business services, insurance and international banking.



About Kingfisher Airlines


Kingfisher Airlines is India’s favorite airline and the only one to offer a premium first class service on domestic routes. Besides being the first and the only airline to offer in-flight entertainment on every seat in the domestic skies, Kingfisher Airlines is the only one to offer LIVE TV with 16 channels of live & exciting content. Kingfisher Airlines has received over two dozen awards for innovation, customer responsiveness and was voted the “Best New Airline of the Year” within months of its launch.



Kingfisher Airlines is part of The UB Group which is one of India’s largest conglomerates with diverse interests and a global presence. The UB Group is also the largest Indian manufacturer of beverage alcohol (beer & spirits) and the second largest drinks Group in the world. Kingfisher Airlines flies to 32 cities and offers over 200 flights daily with a fleet of 31 brand new aircraft.



With its significant investment in Air Deccan, the Kingfisher-Air Deccan Group is India’s largest domestic airline connecting 69 cities and offering over 550 flights daily with a fleet of 75 aircraft.



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