14th, Jul 2008
Kingfisher Airlines Unveils Its First Wide Body Aircraft       
The Best A330-200 Ever Built By Airbus Goes on Show Before the Global Aviation Community At Farnborough
Farnborough, U.K.; July 14, 2008-A town in the Rushmoor district of Hampshire, England, perhaps best known as the home of the Farnborough Air Show, today became the site for yet another historic milestone in global aviation, even as Kingfisher Airlines unveiled its first brand new A330-200, widely billed as the best A330-200 ever built by Airbus. Equipped with a host of never-before-seen features, all bundled together in one delightful package, the reveal of Kingfisher Airlines` new A330-200 was perhaps as fitting a celebration of flight as any, as Farnborough celebrates its 60th continuous year of association with the history of man`s conquest of air.
The unveiling of the brand new A330-200 comes on the eve of the launch of international operations by Kingfisher Airlines and marks yet another defining step in this direction as the airline gets ready to conquer the global skies and take the concepts of service, comfort and pampering to an altogether different level.
Speaking with media persons during the cabin reveal, a beaming Dr. Vijay Mallya, Chairman and CEO, Kingfisher Airlines Limited said, ~I am indeed delighted to present before you Kingfisher Airlines` new A330-200 aircraft that is sure to redefine the experience of flying in the global skies. Kingfisher Airlines has been a trailblazer and ever since launch, in just over three years, we have managed to change the whole experience of flying. As we stand on the threshold of the commencement of international services to the UK, the US and elsewhere, I have no doubt that the superior experience that will be offered by Kingfisher Airlines is sure to find favour with discerning flyers who will no longer regard flying as a necessary chore, but rather come to see it as an enjoyable experience as we pander to their needs on board Kingfisher Airlines. I hope to soon have the privilege to invite you to sample the Kingfisher experience, first-hand~.
Configured in two classes, Kingfisher First and Kingfisher Class, the spacious full-length wide-bodied twin aisle cabin of the A330-200 has gone to great lengths to make flying feel a more natural and pleasurable experience.

The Kingfisher First cabin features:

  • An in-seat massager on every seat
  • Touch screen controls
  • Mood lighting with starry sky
  • In-seat chargers and USB connectors for every seat.

The Kingfisher Class cabin features:

  • KFC- in seat chargers
  • USB connectors 1 for 2
  • Mood lighting,
  • Web chat & E-mail
As India`s first and only Five Star Airline, rated by Skytrax, in true Kingfisher Airlines style, the service on board Kingfisher First features:
  • A social area comprising a full-fledged bar staffed with a bartender and a break-out seating area just nearby, fitted with 2 couches and bar stools
  • A full-fledged chef on board the aircraft
  • Any-time dinning
  • A 5-course meal featuring amongst other delicacies and fine cuisine:
    • Fresh cut fruit
    • Low-cal meal options
  • A choice of the finest wines, spirits and liquor
  • Service for jacket ironing on-board
  • Spectacle  cleaning
  • Shopping on board
  • Merino wool blankets
  • Noise cancellation headphones by BOSE
Service on board the A330-200 in the Kingfisher Class cabin will feature:
  • Business class meals in economy (larger portions)
  • International cabin crew
  • Full length moda acrylic blankets
  • Full size pillow
The state-of-the-art In-Flight Entertainment system on board this A330-200 boasts AVOD touch screen controls and offers a total of 357 hours of programming and content spread over 36 channels.
Some of the other technical data and facts about the A330-200 are:
  • Engine -PW 4168A with 68000 pounds thrust
  • Seat configuration:  Kingfisher First- 30  / Kingfisher Class - 187
  • Seat Pitch in  Kingfisher First – 78 inches / Kingfisher Class - 34 inches
  • Seat Recline: Kingfisher First - 180 degree Flat Bed / Kingfisher Class -  25 degrees, (6 inches)
  • Seat Width: Kingfisher First  - 20 to 24.54 inches / Kingfisher Class - 18 inches
  • IFE screen: Kingfisher First - 17 inches / Kingfisher Class -  10.6 inches
  • Connections- USB ,RJ 45 , Power- 110 volts 5 Pin
  • Bandwidth- 128 Kbps
  • Exits -6
  • Washrooms- 8 ( 4 + 4)
About Kingfisher Airlines
Kingfisher Airlines is India`s first and only 5-Star airline, rated by Skytrax, and the only one to offer a premium first class service on domestic routes. Besides being the first and the only airline to offer in-flight entertainment on every seat in the domestic skies, Kingfisher Airlines offers LIVE TV with 16 channels of live & exciting content. Kingfisher Airlines has received numerous awards for innovation, customer responsiveness and was voted the ~Best New Airline of the Year~ within months of its launch. Kingfisher Airlines is part of The UB Group which is one of India`s largest conglomerates with diverse interests and a global presence. The UB Group is also the largest Indian manufacturer of beverage alcohol (beer & spirits) and the second largest drinks Group in the world.
With the merger of Kingfisher Airlines and Deccan, the airline covers all segments of air travel from low fares to premium fares and offers the maximum number of flights offered by any single airline network in India. The combined entity now connects 64 cities and has 442 daily departures.
For further information contact:
Prakash Mirpuri
Sr. General Manager -Corporate Media Relations,
The UB Group
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Mumbai 400 021, India
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