05th, Apr 2007
Kingfisher Training Academy launched to prepare students for new-age careers       
  • Opens doors for the best jobs in India
  • Sets up state of the art training facility in Mumbai
  • Aimed at high-growth sectors of aviation, retail, hospitality and customer service management

    Mumbai, 5th April 2007: Kingfisher Training Academy is all set to launch educational courses to prepare India’s youth for new-age, fast growing careers in Retail, Hospitality, Aviation and Customer Services Management sectors. Kingfisher Training Academy has been started with the intention of supporting India’s booming economy with trained manpower to handle the ever-growing requirements. The academy boasts of State of the Art training infrastructure, course modules based on the evolving industry demands and a faculty of trained and qualified professionals that aim to create a world class training environment that imparts customized & quality training to young aspirants in aviation, retail, hospitality and Customer Services Management industries.

    Speaking on the occasion, Dr Vijay Mallya, Chairman, The UB Group and Chairman & CEO, Kingfisher Airlines said “Today the country lacks a training ground that can keep pace with the boom in the new-age economy sectors and produce human resources to lead this growth. The service industry thrives on positive customer experience and with increased competition it becomes imperative to build that experience through skilled personnel. Kingfisher Training Academy aims to groom young professionals to ably meet this growing demand.”

    For industries that have a continuous demand for trained service professionals, the Kingfisher Training Academy is a gateway for aspiring youth to equip themselves with specific skill sets required for the Services Industry. A significant part of the training is focused on the nuances of appropriate behavior, norms & prevailing corporate culture.

    The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that offer students a live Cabin Services Simulator – An Airbus A 320 Mock Up, Classrooms equipped with Audio-Visual Facilities, Computer Based Training Rooms, Food & Beverage Service Laboratory and Grooming Suite.

    The duration of the course is 6 months and the programmes are tailored for aspiring Service Industry entrants who have already completed a formal course in their desired industry and would like to hone their skills further to gain a competitive edge.

    The course provides students with essential and comprehensive learning elements to support and spur up their Personal Development on:

  • Image and Impression Management
  • Social Skills & Etiquette
  • Preferred Behavior in social scenarios

    The Kingfisher Training Academy is backed by decades of insightful understanding of the evolving Indian consumer and markets by the UB Group and will also strongly leverage on the success of the multi-award winning Kingfisher Airlines that has redefined hospitality in the Indian market.

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