Clarification From Kingfisher Airlines

Kingfisher Airlines currently offers 3 classes of service-Kingfisher First, Kingfisher Class Economy and Kingfisher Red no frills economy.

On average, the load factors in Kingfisher First have been 50%. As such the capacity is being reduced on existing dual class Airbus aircraft and introduced on existing single class Airbus aircraft. Kingfisher will, therefore offer the Kingfisher First service on all its Airbus routes albiet with an overall reduction in capacity.

Over the past 6 months, Kingfisher Class (full service economy class of service) has generated higher yields and seat factors than the no frills Kingfisher Red class of service. Following re-configuration of all Airbus aircraft, the number of economy seats across the Airbus fleet will increase by approximately 10% and this capacity will be offered across the board as a Kingfisher Class full service product. Consequently, the Kingfisher Red no frills class of service will be phased out.


All ATR aircraft will continue to operate in a single configuration as a Kingfisher Class full service product.All advance reservations made by guests in the Kingfisher Red class of service will be fully honoured as the reconfiguration will take about 4 months to complete. Judging from actual past performance, higher yields and load factors and increase in overall revenue are expected.