Statement from KFA - 12th March 2012

Despite all challenges, Kingfisher Airlines operated 145 flights today as announced earlier in the day. All guests---whose flights were either combined or cancelled----were notified well in advance and preparations for ensuring that we operate at least 80% of our schedule were made before hand to ensure no last minute changes are required.

We would like to thank our valued guests for their understanding and will continue to do everything possible to avoid and/or minimize any inconvenience as a result of the employee agitation on account of  delayed salaries which in turn, arose as a consequence of our bank accounts having been frozen by the tax authorities. We are making all possible efforts to remedy this temporary situation.

Going forward, we will continue to ensure that those guests whose flights are affected are notified before hand. They are either being accommodated on other airlines or offered a full refund. We expect to return to our full schedule shortly.

Prakash Mirpuri
Vice President - Corporate Communications
Kingfisher Airlines Limited