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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is another innovative feature - the Kingfisher e-Coupons.

You are now able to buy Kingfisher e-Coupons to book Kingfisher Airlines tickets.

Kingfisher e-Coupons is a set of coupons which you can buy at a fixed price and use it for your travel requirements whenever you would like within the validity period.

The advantage: option of buying tickets on any sector at a fixed price. Every Kingfisher e-Coupon has distinct features and is offered through various channels of sale namely Travel agents, Airport ticketing offices and City ticketing offices of Kingfisher Airlines. Very soon we will provide the facility forpurchasing e-Coupons online on our website

Kingfisher e-Coupons are paperless. When you buy the coupons, a set of e-coupon numbers along with the PIN number and log-in credentials would be sent to you through e-mail and SMS. To book a ticket using an e-Coupon, go to My Account and enter your log-in credentials and use the "Book Tickets" option.


Kingfisher e-Coupons are paperless which can be utilized to buy tickets. You can buy e-Coupons in various multiples based on travel requirements.

You can buy valid Kingfisher e-Coupons from Kingfisher Airport and City ticketing offices or any certified Kingfisher Airlines IATA approved Travel agents.

Choose from the available list of e-Coupons products that you wish to buy. Pay by credit card or cash and complete the transaction.

You can pay by Credit card or Cash at any of the above mentioned points of sale.
If you have a high frequency of travel you are able to hedge your fares. For e.g. if you were to buy an e-Coupon with INR 4450, then the fare price would remain at INR 4450, even if the fare goes up or down in future.
You can buy the following e-Coupon types:
  Non-transferable i.e. Tickets booked using the e-Coupons has to be in the name of the original buyer and cannot be transferred to any other guest.
  Transferable Tickets booked using the e-Coupons can be booked by the original buyer or can be used to book any other guest.
Note:All coupon products including manual coupon booklets sold on/after 06th April’10 will be “non transferable”
Yes, you will get a printed receipt of the transaction from the agent. The receipt carries all details of all e-Coupon numbers. For e.g. if you buy a 6 coupon product, your receipt will have a mention of all 6 e-Coupon numbers.

Yes, an e-mail will be send to your e-mail ID that you provided during the register process for purchase of Kingfisher e-Coupons. This e-mail would have a login ID and a unique password as well as a four digit security PIN. Please ensure you don’t share your PIN details with anyone else. The PIN number guarantees maximum security while booking the ticket.

You will also receive an SMS on the mobile number you provided during the register process.

Once you have bought Kingfisher e-Coupons, you need to log on to and click on the ‘Plan and book’ tab. In the sub-menu you will find ‘e-Coupons’. This link will lead you to the Kingfisher e-Coupons page.

Here you will find a button saying "My e-Coupons Account". Click on this button. You will be taken to a screen where you need to enter the login ID and password as sent to you through e-mail from us. Once the details are entered, the ‘My Account’ page opens up, where you get to see all your e-Coupon details.

You can click on the "Book Tickets" option and select the sectors you want to fly and choose an e-Coupon for booking and provide the PIN. Our system validates the booking and PNR is generated. The details of the bookings are sent as an e-mail to you. You can also print your e-ticket.

Our systems will keep a track of all your e-Coupon activities; there is no need for you to remember. All you need is your login ID and password to access your account.
At the time of buying the Kingfisher e-Coupons, we provide you with the login details. We recommend you change it to a password of your choice.
As of now you are unable to purchase the Kingfisher e-Coupons on the website. Very soon this facility will be available and we will inform all our valued Guests.
Yes you can, provided you have bought a transferable type of e-Coupon. The booking process would remain same as mentioned above.
Note: All coupon products including manual coupon booklets sold on/after 06th April’10 will be “non transferable”
Yes. Our Kingfisher Airlines Contact Center will assist you . Please have your booking and e-Coupon details ready.


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