Baggage Tracer Services

Kingfisher Airlines sincerely apologizes if we have mishandled your baggage and understand that this is an inconvenience. Please be assured that we will do everything possible to assist you through this experience.

If your baggage is not available for collection on arrival, we encourage you to lodge a report to Baggage Services or to a local representative before you leave the airport.

A report will be filed and we will investigate why your baggage did not arrive.
You will need to provide an accurate description of your baggage and in some cases, we may ask you to describe the contents. This will enable us to locate your baggage more quickly.
We will provide you with a reference number, which will enable you to track the progress of your report on the WorldTracer website. It should also be quoted in any follow up communication you may have with us regarding your delayed baggage.
We search for your baggage using WorldTracer, a computerised tracing system used by more than 400 airlines worldwide. Once your bag has been located and sent to us, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange delivery.
Please retain your e-ticket documents or paper airline ticket along with your baggage receipts.

Trace Your Baggage

Please Note:
In the course of normal handling your luggage may show evidence of use such as scratches, minor cuts, dents and soil. Like most major airlines, we don't accept liability for conditions that result from normal wear and tear and/or damage to checked luggage such as:

Broken wheels or feet
Loss of external locks, pull straps and security straps
Damage resulting from over packing
Damage to retractable luggage handles
Fragile or perishable items damaged during transport
Items unsuitably packed or unsuitable for transportation