Special Needs

Golf Kit

Kingfisher Airlines permits the carriage of a Golf Kit as baggage. The policy of charging of excess baggage for golf kit will be as under.
  1. Golf kit weighing 15 kg or less will be charged at 6 kg excess baggage. For golf kit weighing 6 kg or less then the actual weight of the golf kit will be charged.
  2. For golf kit weighing more than 15 kg then the first 15 kg will be charged at 6 kg and the balance as per the actual excess weight.
  3. If the weight of golf kit is included as part of baggage allowance, then any excess baggage weight as a result of this inclusion will be charged as per actual excess weight. The special rate of 6 kg for the first 15 kg of golf kit weight will then NOT apply.

Ski Kit

In the case of a Ski Kit, the same rule as the Golf Kit applies except that for the first 15 kg, after further Baggage Allowance of only 3 kg is charged.

Musical Instruments

A passenger can carry fragile or delicate items such as musical instruments, electronic equipments , paintings and diplomatic mail in the cabin by blocking an extra seat next to him/her. The weight of the extra seat should not exceed 75kgs.

Weapons and Ammunition

Security regulations prohibit the carriage of weapons in the passenger cabin. The following weapons may be carried in the checked in luggage ,provided they are sheathed /securely packed to prevent injury to handlers and screeners: Knives Box Cutter Swords Spear Guns Martial Arts Weapons Licensed Firearms (Conditions Apply)