Unaccompanied Minors


Valid for travel on Kingfisher Airlines Limited only.

Ages 5 years to under 12 years:-

Children between age of 5 (five) years and under 12 (twelve) years and travelling alone are considered as Unaccompanied Minors. Unaccompanied Minor Services are provided by Kingfisher Airlines Limited.  A service fee of INR 1000 will be applicable per Unaccompanied Minor.

Note that children between ages 5 (five) years and under 12 (twelve) years will be considered as Unaccompanied Minors unless accompanied by a passenger above 18 (eighteen) years of age.

Ages 12 Years up to 16 Years:-

Children from ages 12 (twelve) years up to 16 (sixteen) years and travelling alone are considered as Young Passengers. Young Passengers are permitted to travel alone. In the event that you wish to avail the Unaccompanied Minor Service for a Young Passenger, the same is available on request.

 Unaccompanied Minor Service Process:-

Please ensure that you inform us that the time of reservation about the travel of an Unaccompanied Minor.

Tickets for Unaccompanied Minors cannot be purchased online.

On the Day of departure:-

 Parent or Guardian should report to the Airport Ticketing Office along with the Unaccompanied Minor at least 2 (two) hours prior to the schedule time of departure.
Parent or Guardian will be required to complete/fill in an “Unaccompanied Minor Service Form” which will be available at the Airport Ticketing Office. “Unaccompanied Minor Service Form” may also be downloaded by clicking on the link given below:

Click here to download the Unaccompanied Minor Application PDF Form 

4 copies of this form should be completed by Parents/Guardian; providing details of an Unaccompanied Minor guest travelling with Kingfisher Airlines.

A Valid Photo Identification proof for both the Unaccompanied Minor and the Parent or Guardian who is with the Unaccompanied Minor at the time of check-in is required.

Parent or Guardian must mention the name & contact details of the parent or guardian or such other person who will receive the Unaccompanied Minor at the arrival station. Note that the Unaccompanied Minor will only be handed over to the parent or guardian or such other person whose name and details are mentioned in the Unaccompanied Minor Service Form and only after due verification of a Valid Photo ID.

Payment of INR 1000 as service fee for Unaccompanied Minors should be paid at the time of submitting the completed Unaccompanied Minor Service Form.

Parent or Guardian must remain at the Airport until the flight has departed.


  • For connecting journeys on Kingfisher Airlines on same day of travel, a single service fee will be charged for the entire journey provided that the child remains with the airline in the airport premises at the transit stops.
  • We are unable to accept Unaccompanied Minors for journeys with transfer connections involving an overnight stay at a transfer point.
  • Kingfisher Airlines has the right to refuse travel if the applicable form not fully completed, signed and unconditionally submitted by the parent or guardian of the unaccompanied minor. A paid escort service (i.e. a dedicated staff member who travels on the flight with the child) cannot be provided.
  • Tickets for Unaccompanied Minors cannot be purchased online.

The Contract of Carriage and the terms and conditions of carriage of the passenger where such passenger is an unaccompanied minor are to be understood as modified to the extent indicated hereinabove.