Medical and Stretcher Cases

Health On Board

The altitude  of the aircraft is usually equivalent to 5000-8000 feet.. Due to this, the aircraft cabin has an unique environment which may, in certain cases, lead to certain physiological problems.

There is approximately 25-30% expansion of air inside the body at these cabin altitudes. Air at conventional cabin altitudes has less partial pressure of oxygen than the air at ground level. This means that the air inside the cabin, when the aircraft is cruising, is mildly hypoxic. Healthy adults and children tolerate this environment very well. On the other hand, very elderly, neonates, or persons suffering from certain medical conditions may not be able to tolerate it very well. Therefore, such guests will need careful evaluation regarding fitness to fly because of mild stress imposed on the heart, lungs and subsequent oxygenation of blood.

Guests suffering from medical / surgical conditions or having undergone surgical procedures require clearance to fly, from the Kingfisher Airlines Company doctor.

Medical Clearance depends on the following factors:

Type / severity of illness.
Duration since last surgery / illness.
Present vital medical parameters.
Likely effect on medical condition due to flight environment.
Safety implications on flight, flight crew and other guests.
Requirement of escort / type of escort.
Requirement of specialized equipments and their safety / security implications.
“Fit to fly” certificate from treating physician/surgeon. (Please note this certificate will be accepted as advice only. The final decision will be that of the Kingfisher Airlines Company doctor)

Procedure For Guest Requiring Medical Assistance Is As Follows:

Inform booking agent/Airport Ticketing Office / City Reservation office regarding travel of medical / surgically ill guest minimum 24-48 hrs in advance. Medical Information Form (MEDIF) should be filled by the guest’s treating physician/surgeon. Any special requirements regarding in-flight oxygen, carriage of medical equipments should be mentioned in the Medical Information Form.
Medical Information Form can be collected from the Airport or City Reservation Counter or can be downloaded from the Kingfisher Airlines website at
Completely filled Medical Information Form along with the treating doctors “Fit to Fly” Certificate should be handed over to the ticketing office staff. This will be then forwarded to the Company doctor for approval.
Company doctor may advise escort/type of escort, further tests to confirm fitness to fly before accepting guests for travel. Company doctor will approve any need for medical oxygen, special equipments/instruments. The approval for travel of guest if approved will be communicated to the guests by the booking/reservation staff within 48 hrs of receiving the Medical Information form.
Guests are required to complete the booking formalities and also fill an indemnity bond.
Any guests traveling as a Medical Information Form case or any guest needing medical clearance needs to report at the check in counter minimum 90 mins before departure.
Please note that even if prior clearance to fly has been obtained, boarding of the guests may be refused if condition of guest deteriorates. The final decision in such cases will be of the Kingfisher Airlines Company doctor.

Stretcher Case:

An aircraft stretcher may be the only acceptable method of transporting a seriously ill or severely incapacitated passenger. Kingfisher Airlines permits the carriage of stretcher cases on all direct and multi sector domestic flights provided there is no change in aircraft. Stretcher cases are carried only on A321/ A320/ A319 aircrafts.

All stretcher requests should reach at least 72 hours prior to travel for review and approval by Kingfisher Airlines. Kingfisher Airlines will revert to the guests within 48 hours of receiving the duly filled Medical Information Form.

Fares For Stretcher Cases

Basic fare - Nine times the adult basic one-way sector fare
Accompanying passengers with the stretcher passenger - maximum of 3.
The accompanying attendant(s) will pay only the applicable taxes up to a maximum of 3 in party. These accompanying attendant(s) will be seated on the aisle seats of the block where the stretcher is fitted.
If there are more than three accompanying guests, the fourth accompanying guest and above will be charged normal applicable fare as any other guest. Any guest who is not associated with the stretcher guest will not be permitted to sit on these aisle seats where the stretcher is fitted.

Cancellation Rules:

12 hrs or more: Rs.100/-
Below 12 hrs and upto 1 hr: 25% on One Basic Fare
Within one hour / NO SHOW: only taxes will be refunded
Rebooking: Not permitted

Baggage Allowance:

The total free baggage allowances will be according to the number of seats paid. However, each guest is allowed to carry only the single entitlement of hand baggage and personal articles.

Uplift Of MEDA Guests With Electrical/Electronic Equipments:

Kingfisher Airlines do not allow electric or electronic equipment to be operated on board the Aircraft due to power restriction and the interference it could cause with the navigational equipment of the Aircraft

Ventilators, incubators and personal oxygen cylinders are not permitted on the Aircraft and provision of the ambulance needs to be made by the guest. (If ambulance lift is requested and available, the hiring charges for the same will be borne by the guests).


Procedure For Guest Requiring Stretcher

1 Guests to contact Kingfisher Airlines Reservations/Airport Ticketing Office / City Reservation at least 72 hrs prior to travel to enable review and approval by Kingfisher Airlines.
2 Guests need to fill up Medical Information Form which is available with Airport / City Reservation Counter or can be downloaded from the Kingfisher Airlines website
3 The Medical Information Form must be completely filled, signed and stamped by the treating doctor. The Medical Information Form must be submitted to the Airport Reservations Counter.
4 Kingfisher Airlines will revert to the guests within 48 hrs of receiving the Medical Information Form.
5 The cut off time for last minute emergency stretcher cases is 48 hrs prior to departure provided the Stretcher case is cleared by the company medical department and all the other necessary approvals are in order.
6 Once the Stretcher case is approved by Kingfisher Airlines, Guest to make the necessary payment and purchase the ticket
7 Guest is required to report minimum 90 mins before the departure time on the day of travel.
8 Kingfisher Airlines Medical Department may assess the guest condition for a second clearance on the day of the travel.
9 All stretcher cases must be accompanied by a suitably qualified attendant who can undertake any necessary treatment & nursing during the flight. The attendant could be a medical / non-medical / paramedical escort as per the decision of the company. Guests with intravenous drips are permitted to fly ONLY as stretcher case and have to be accompanied by medical / paramedical escort.

Medical Care On Board:

1 First Aid kits, Physicians kits and Handy kits are available onboard all the aircraft for guests in case of medical incident/emergency.
2 Cabin crew is trained in providing first aid and basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They are not authorized to administer controlled drugs or injections.
3 Cabin crew is authorized to handle food and therefore they cannot assist basic toiletry needs of individual guests.

Emergency oxygen is available onboard but please be informed that this oxygen is for emergency use only and will not suffice for continuous use during the entire duration of flight. In such cases it is advisable to arrange for extra medical oxygen with consultation/approval from airline medical department.